Thursday, 27 September 2012

Darth Vader, The Archetype Evil of Star Wars -- I see your lack of faith disturbing

Academy award winning concept artist Ralph McQuarrie died few months ago. Ralph’s work included iconic Star wars’ characters such as Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, Bob Fett and Chewbacca. Ralph’s characters in American epic film series, Star wars, bred such hollering influence on contemporary arts that the whole art disciplines, from novels to cinematography, felt their echoes.

Ralph’s acute mastery in art is truly depicted in these characters. Take Darth Vader, for example. Like Shakespeare’s Iago, he is the meanest. But, he is something more than that. He is meanest, brutal, minacious and Mephistophelean killing cyborg. Is that all about him? Of course not, Ralph coated such an appearance for him which portrays evil monster lying underneath.

Darth Vader and Star Wars:

Vader epitomized star wars art. His presence was enough to strike audience with fear and awe. 7 feet tall monster was not any rock-star villain doing swashbuckling action adventures and spin kicks. Vader was a tough tough tough enemy whose giant size with unmatched strength was enough to whack and smack down any opponent in the galaxy.

‘Leave them to me, I will handle them myself’, this is how Vader walks and talks. Ralph designed Vader’s character in a way that it creates shudder in the spinals; fearsome and terrifying. Everyone who sees Vader feels looming shadow of death over his head. His highly refined and fine polished black helmet with edges protruding downwards was powerful enough to show the sinister face that lurked under it. The eyes were seemed bulging and were bulbous. The sealed collar wrapped around Vader’s neck and at the back he had a cloak covering his black backpack.

Even after 3 decades of presence, Vader’s uniqueness hasn’t ever dipped an inch. Science fiction lovers just love to have his costume replicas, his sculptures and his movie posters. Just google Darth Vader and you will see thousands of people quoting his dialogues all around the forums.

Vader’s Sculptures:

Vader’s sculptures are quite cool and any man who loves metal crafts would love to have his hands on these sculptures made out of scrap metals and junk parts. 12 inches tall, sculpture made of nuts, bolts, vehicle parts and chains is really an amazing piece of art, worth keeping in art rooms and studies tables.
There is a special thing about these Vader’s incarnations. Vader is known as archetype villain in star wars saga and his appearance is quite intimidating that best suits his actions and character. But his reincarnations in the form of sculptures aren’t scary and hideous at all. They are rather loveable and cheery.
These sculptures are best satisfying for both, science buffs and art devotees. Unlike other creations, these sculptures are made with recycled art, they don’t hang heavy on pockets as well. They are the best decorations and best gifts as well.

Star Wars Art:

Star wars art is really fascinating as it provides us an escape from our earthly affairs and takes us to the far off galaxy empires, full of more wicked and more fancied powers than ours. Almost every creation relating to star wars, from books to dramas and characters to conversations, is interesting. Star war movies alone had a ground beating success, with the gross earnings of 4.5 billion dollars along with Academy awards.

Though it has been quite some time that we have seen any Star Wars movie, but star wars art is keeping us alive to the other far flung worlds of princes, knights and witches.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

This Planet Is A Game Reserve – Predators Watch Us

Though there are no conclusive evidences found about extraterrestrial life yet we are so much swayed with aliens that modern literature, in its all forms, often embarks on describing aliens as part of our life. From green eyed creatures of flesh to computer-like intelligent steel bodied structures, we see these aliens in different cinematic movies, bookish novels and sometimes in poetic rhetoric as well.

Whether they exist in real life or they do not, their references have really taken presence into real life. Where did it all start from? It’s a long story and perhaps dates back to the times when Gods were being created throughout the world. But, modern highly ingenious, nth’ times intelligent and strong aliens are produced no earlier than McTiernen’s Predators back in 1987. Apart from movie Art, these aliens have gained special dug out in other art forms, notably in sculptures.

Predator and Predators:
When Sylvester’s Rocky ended in its rounds, and there was no other challenger on the earth to stand against Rocky, people started saying that now only some extraterrestrials would come and fight him. Perhaps Rocky’s creators did not pay much heed to this potential elevation but McTiernen surely found his venture lying herein. It was the idea that led to ‘Predator’ (1989), first of its name. Ever since Predator was released, it followed various comics and sequels.

The latest remake of this predator was released in 2010. Technology has seen unmatched progress during these 23 years and super powers of first predator now seem quite easily submissive to any modern commando. So, 23 years later, did predators update their technology? It’s quite interesting to see both versions of predator in a go and see the differences.Nevertheless predators found much appreciation around recycled art practitioners who just love to make their sculptures. Once only seen at movie museums, these sculptures have gained commonplace among households. Can you spot the physical difference between sculptures of 1989 predator and 2010’s predators?

Various forms of Predator’s Sculpture:
Sculptures made out of recycled art have their own peculiar beauty, far more entertaining and pleasing than that of traditional steel sculptures. Predator’s sculptures are best suited to be placed in studies rooms or TV lounges. This is where they inspire most exciting feelings and ideas.Anyhow, there are various forms of predators, varying in their sizes, weapons and shields. And commonly used parts are nuts, bolts, bike chains, spark plugs and screws etc. Based on different designs, these sculptures carry different amazing features. Their weapons are removable and replaceable. Sometimes, these metal crafts can move their head and torso. List can extend to various pages.

Custom Predator’s Sculpture:
How does it sound when you are asked to choose any features that you may like to bring with predators. Of course, in movies such effects can always be created but what about having cool physical features in sculptures? It’s rather about engineering and art working together. You can have your custom made predator’s sculpture as well. Besides chain ball and axe, you can hand them over sniper guns and belt them with hand grenades. I have often thought of getting predators sculptures made for ghost-rider bikes.
Only time will tell what predators will look like in next sequels or what next technologies they would carry along. Until then, recycled art creates more refined, more sustainable and more loveable sculptures. Have your predator and be the part of next generation predators’ crew.

Monday, 17 September 2012

All You Need is Nice Imagination and Heap of Junk -- Eureka

To create from thin air is magic and honestly speaking I am quite skeptical about its existence. But what about ‘create from scrap’? Thomas Edison said, ‘To invent you need torrid imagination and considerable heap of junk’. If you have both, you are all set for ‘Eureka’.

From invention to reinvention in Recycled Art:
Is Inventing things really that much simple? If it were really that much simpler, we would have inventors in abundance, lying at every corner of the street. But appreciating any creative art lets us share artists values and his creativity. This is what we called ‘love for art and creativity’. Frankly speaking recycled art is the most wonderful and futuristic art and it now holds wonderful clan of lovers and admirers. Creations of this recycled art can be as complex as any abstract portrait and can also be as simple as any clay pot.

Under the impressions of sci-fi star wars art, a distinct trend of creating surreal art pushed through scrap metal artists. As a result, sculptures like robo-cops, predators and terminator are now commonly seen all around. Their charisma is still increasing and people are celebrating them more than ever before. It would be really interesting to see some ground beating metal art sculptures.

Titanium Scrap and Stainless Steel Cyber Sculpture:

Had you ever thought that metal litter and junk outside your yard could be recycled to create such an amazing and mind blowing cyber metal craft? Chains, toothed wheels, nuts, and plates with other stainless steel objects are used to create such a marvelous cyber facial sculpture. Even watching it is a real treat.

Mammoth Elephant Built From house scrap:
It’s really wonderful. Isn’t it? Belly and legs made of monitors and TVs, with amazingly detailed tusks rounding inward, horns and tail with tufts. As I told earlier, there are no boundaries for recycled art.

Robotic Scarecrow:
I guess crows aren’t any afraid of effigies made of broom and pumpkin. This scarecrow made of shopping trolleys, bent pipes and scrubbing brushes surely can scare crows to death. This isn’t any artifact and surely is a result of interesting recycled art.

I am sure, like all of us, walls of your drawing room would also be decorated with picture frames bearing your memorable clicks. I believe that day is not far enough when we all may not have our own metal sculptures in our homes. It’s catchy, it’s weird but most interestingly, it’s possible to have them built out of easily available scrap.

Final Reflections:
Nevertheless, recycled art has always inspired my imaginations and every time I see end products made out of acute junk, I can’t resist praising man’s ingenuity. Recycled art isn’t only an art that artists use to make money or provide sensation to your eyes. There is a lesson for us in this art. ‘Nothing is useless in this world’. Even the most abandoned and left alone things in this world can be used to create majestic art.

Recycled art is most beautiful art and rather important in modern pretexts as well. From papers to plastics and from glass to metals, we produce huge wastes every day. It’s all getting alarmingly critical every next year. Skies are already burnt and oceans are polluted. It’s time to revitalize whole course of world affairs and recycled art is a challenging step towards better and pleasant future. Let’s all give an applause to recycled art.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

‘A thing of beauty is joy forever; its loveliness increases, it will never pass, into nothingness’, how amazingly John Keats described enigmatic essence of beauty. In truth beauty is more than just a beauty, it’s rather an art; an art that inspires sensation into the minds of both, creator and audience. As in his ‘Ode to Grecian Urn’, Keats reveals his awe and inspiration for Roman Sculptors built hundreds of years earlier. His ending lines of this ode show his love for art and beauty.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,   --   that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’

Contemporary Metal Art:
This thirst of beauty and creativity has led men from traditional art domains to avant-garde metal art. Frankly speaking, metal art too bears thousands of history with human kind, perhaps earliest form of art creations belong to metals and are from Bronze Age. But as soon as star wars from George Lucas reached public, it spawned altogether a whole new lot of Movie Art , under the banner of ‘expanded universe’.

Don’t tell me if you hadn’t seen ‘Real Steel’ from Hugh Jackman released last year. A more social and more realistic form of Star wars Art, this movie offers new horizons to explore through blending scrap metal art and modern artificial intelligence sciences.For now, we should start knowing what can be achieved out of junks of metal scraps available all around us. It won’t only be satisfying your creative shafts of mind but would also be greasing for your rusted valet in your pocket. These junks which apparently worth least dimes, can bring you huge money trams for you in future

Creativity and Art reaching their pinnacles:
It’s intuitive to all of us that if your ‘subject’ can be made with ‘mud’ bricks and metals’ it could surely be built with scraps’. So what you are willing to make out with your junk in your basement workshop. Give a try to the following.
• Furniture
• Sculpture
• Nuts and bolts forms
• Interior and exterior decors
• Art pieces
You don’t need to set up any welding plant and melting furnace to make these things. Just simple metal hand tools, bending machines and safety equipment is required and then you are good to kick off with scrap metal art.Recycled Art, broadly known as scrap metal art could also turn out as long lasting hobby. Initially there aren’t any soft strokes of brushes and mind pleasing flows of crayons, and you might be feeling scary about welding, brazing and soldering stuff.
Let me show you some elementary work that you can start right away.

Nuts and Bolts Chess:
Take any square metal sheet. Start making a checkered floor in blacks and whites. Almost all of shapes such as pawn, bishop, knight, queen etc, can easily be made with easily available scrap lying in your workshop, warehouse or junk yard. Elegance and fine-tuning is critical to scrap art. So give an extra time to make end product as much polished as possible.

Scrap Metal Dog:
Give a shot to scrap metal dog as well. It’s rather easier and more interesting. You need a spring, hexagonal nuts, washers and wires. Following image tells you how you should do it. As told earlier, depending upon your muse to creativity, you can create anything, from animals to flowers and from furniture to terminator sculptor. I would advise you to learn some basic techniques of welding and soldering as you would need them quite frequently.
The world is an oyster! This is how artists have always felt and believed.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Let’s gift uncommon items

Surprise your loved ones:
Surprises are always good. And especially when you have to surprise any special one. It’s always good to see that astonishing expression on the face of your loved ones. On your spouse’s birthday or any other special occasion, or may be on your boss’s birthday or wedding anniversary you usually plan different things. Things that can shock them up. Things they would love. And things that should be unique. But this time may be you just ran out of ideas and thought that what you should gift now. But don’t worry the world is full of ideas and unique items. All you have to do is to explore. And yes...After reaching this article your search is over.

Have you ever saw a star wars character in real life? Have you ever saw a transformer in your room? Have you ever see a predator in standing? No you haven’t. Neither you nor your friends and family. Up till now you just thought that these characters are only in movies. But not anymore. Now you can meet these life size characters in real and not just meet them in fact buy them, gift them, or put them in your collector’s space. Isn’t it amazing? And this is only possible with the help of Recycled art. Artists around the globe collect the non-toxic metal and by using scrap metal art convert that junk into phenomenal characters.  

Just Imagine:
Just imagine that how unique your gift item would be when whom you will present this will find out that this Metal crafts is not made by some new iron or metal. And how surprised that person would be to find out that all the movie art, sci-fi art is being done with the help of wasted metal, this includes old car pieces, nails, metal etc. And the beauty of these characters is just commendable, Recycled Art's artists make these metal craft by accumulating all the junk with such a beauty and care that it is hard to find out even a single difference in these sculptures and real time comic characters. And artist includes every single possible detail in these characters. E.g. in Terminator Statue the lethal guns, and red eyes everything is included.

Sci-fi your collection:
These sculptures are not only available in large a gigantic sizes. They are also available in small sizes. Which you can easily put on your collector’s items. And your kids will love them. Scrap metal art is as beautiful and aesthetic as any other form of art could be. There are a lot of museums and other art galleries all around the world who are showcasing this beautiful type of art. None ever imagined that something which we usually through into a garbage or in junk yard can be placed in a museums. And this is not it if you are planning to arrange a Sci- fi convention or an art convention you can use these sculptures and put them in your convention to increase the rating of your convention.

Art from scrap today saving us a lot of money and space which we might have spent in recycling the junk. Plus it reuses all the non-toxic material and makes it something useful. The hidden and most prominent benefit of this type of art is that it promotes the green effect. And if it will be supported in a right manner it can bring a lot to the environment. is one of the finest recycled artists. Visit them and place your order and fancy yourself with an amazing piece of art.